About Us


Green lion is an emerging compact appliance manufacturer with the aspiration of being the best in everything that we produce. We are eager to avail the best quality mobile accessories in the market by anticipating highly dynamic market evolution and the fast-evolving decision-making elements of suppliers, retailers, and consumers. We adopt advanced technology to increase our operational excellence and the quality of the product in an appropriate way that customers need. We design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality smartphone accessories, Laptop essentials, and compact lifestyle appliances.


Smartphone Cases Green introduces attractive smartphone covers and cases which provide full-body security for your devices. We customize the cases as suitable for all kinds of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and AirPods. Each of our cases provides a rich sophisticated look for your devices and protect from damages due to accidental fall, shocks, and smudge from objects. The perfectly designed cutouts and edges allow you simple and easy access to all the ports of your device and the raised lips help you to secure your cameras and edges of the latest devices. The cases are made of high-quality durable materials in a variety of combinations of silicone, plastics, hybrid, rubber, leather, metal, wooden, fiber, and carbon.


Screen protectors are essential to keep your device surfaces pristine. Green brings to you different types of screen guards with assured protection for your device screens, some of them are transparent and some other gives you more privacy. Our screen guards are made of high-quality durable materials which can use for a longer time than the other commonly available in the market. Green screen guards are available in different types including Privacy screen guards, anti-glare display protectors, transparent screen protectors, and Mirror screen protectors. All types are made of high-quality materials including Tampered glass, TPU plastic, PET plastic, and multilayered.


Cables: Green produces a wide range of cables for a variety of applications including data and power transfers for your devices including mobile phones, laptops, and other smart lifestyle appliances. All of our cables are built with utmost attention to detail, and it meets the highest quality standards of safety and reliability. The cables are flexible and manufactured after rigorous quality control processes ensuring the material quality and durability with global health and safety standards. There are available a variety of cables including the different types of USB cables, Aux cables, etc.


Watchbands/ straps: Smartwatches are the new trend for the youngsters and the green is committed to retain the freshness of your watches through providing the latest model well-designed watch straps and bands. We manufacture a variety of watch straps using high-quality durable materials compatible with different brands of watches including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Fitbit, etc. Our broad and diverse strap collection can offer you a wonderful user experience by easily switching the straps frequently.


Smartphone Holder: Green Smartphone holders are excellently designed to keep your devices firmly in one place, the magnetic feature allows you to place the devices easily whether it is your bed, desk, table, or vehicles. Green car mounts provide you a comfortable and smooth experience for your video calling, browsing, or gaming and you can adjust the stand at your convenience. You can trust the green mobile stands without worrying about falling or slipping the device from the stand. Our docks are also supporting for wireless charging where you can charge your iPhones or other compatible devices without any other extra charging cables or connectors. These padded bases will keep your devices from all scratches and you can place the device easily on the dock. Green smartphone docks are a better option for your devices to ensure uninterrupted smartphone usage. The foldable feature enables you to carry the item easily in your pockets or bags along with your trips.


Car chargers: Green Lion universal USB car charger is well-designed in a compact mode which is easy to connect in your car and charging the devices is made simple. The durable and quality materials used for this item will ensure comfortable and long-term use without any difficulties. The item comes with multi-ports and provides a safe and smart charging experience with multi protect safety system from overheating, surging, and overcharging. The efficient temperature control system enables you to use the product in any condition.


Earbuds: Ergonomic and compact design of Green Earbuds ensure a premium and comfortable user experience with less likely to miss the device during your jogging, hiking, or cycling. Green earbuds offer you natural, rich, and clear sound with longer battery life which enables you to enjoy the music wherever you go. You can charge the earbuds and save your time by simply putting the buds in an in-built high-quality charging case. You can control music, calls, activate voice assistants, or power on/off using either one of the buds. The noise cancellation feature allows you to record and listen to the voices without any background distractions. These earbuds are sleek designed and easy to connect with your iOs and Android devices.


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